Have we as a society become too politically correct?

The answer to that question requires one to look no further than any social networking site. Social networking has startling become less of a tool for staying in touch with relatives and old friends and more of a forum for heated arguments. Irrespective of the issue of contention an argument on Facebook, Twitter or any of the countless social network sites on the world wide web can go from silly to vehement in a very short space of time.

The reason is simple; our society has accepted the notion of “Your rights end where my feelings begin” as the gospel truth when it is in fact nothing close to it. We have allowed ourselves to believe that our feelings are somehow more important than another’s freedom of speech. I am not sure how or when this happened but I suspect the blame falls largely on us Millennials. There is one thing that defines this generation and that is the sense of entitlement we seem to have. We have taken that sense of entitlement and managed to completely transform the act of censorship. It used to be that there were clear-cut things everyone could agree upon as being offensive but in an effort to be politically correct we can no longer agree on what is offensive because the “social activists” are now the ones who have final say in where the line is.

I often find myself trolling the comment section on articles about something someone has done that caused outcry at how insensitive it was ( it is often either racist or sexist). The reason I troll the comments section is I often find myself thinking “well that headline was definitely sensationalized because I don’t see why this is offensive” and reading the comments almost always provides the reassurance I’m sure I’ll find, that the supposedly offended group didn’t even find the act offensive in the first place.

So if the offended parties aren’t actually offended we must ask ourselves “why the controversy?”. And the answer is simple: feelings. We can’t offend the sensitive social liberals (and this is coming from one of them). The easiest example to point out is white guilt in the U.S. The liberal Caucasians are now tormented by white guilt due the actions of their ancestors that they often take offense on behalf of minority races before they can even decide if they truly are offended.

None of this would matter were it not for the fact that as a society we have become fearful of saying/doing the wrong thing because someone is bound to be upset. No one is saying everyone should do and say whatever they want. There are many things universally agreed upon that are wrong and I think most people have enough common sense to avoid those but political correctness is becoming a serious threat to freedom of speech. Brilliant minds are being silenced because they might hurt someone’s feelings. Bring back honesty, bring back freedom. That’s what I say.

3 thoughts on “Have we as a society become too politically correct?

  1. I held the conception that the entire idea of social networking (such as the sites you mentioned) was to allow people to communicate their feelings, thoughts and all the other synonyms on the topic at hand, which is raising awareness. We cannot rid the fact that wherever you go “politics and many other social issues” will be subtle issues (I am certain you are conversant of such when it comes to Guyana). One must also consider that on such social sites [or any other form of media], where there is continuum of people, certainly there is also a continuum of “feelings.” We all do not think the same much less act. Some take things “too personal” (as one may say) while others do not! Liberal discussions should be dealt with in a liberal manner, and confidently I can attest to the fact that not everyone is capable of such. Some people however, “think then act” while others “act then think.” There is a rational way to communicate clearly (freedom of speech) on any networks however; the method, tone, and rawness of your message can dismay others. In addition, some people use this “freedom of speech” thing too blatant! Some (most that I know of) palpably say, what they are “feeling” about a situation and then call it “freedom of speech,” (certainly, you have experienced this). How harmful is it to be considerate in communication? Honesty, freedom and even “feelings” can be expressed meticulously without “hurting some other person’s feelings” as long it is communicated in a cogent manner.

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    1. Indeed, it isn’t hard at all to communicate without hurting another’s feelings but the issue at hand is what does one do when you encounter someone who is clearly overly-sensitive to the point where censorship may not be the answer to preserving their feelings, the only way to please some of them is to ultimately change your opinion issue and this is my issue.

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  2. Well we can’t please everyone now, can we? I clearly understand what your message is; and I still believe we can say what we have to say without changing any aspect of it… We just need to be wary how we are communicating!!!!!!!!!!! For me if “yuh don’t like what I’m saying, shut yuh ears, move on, get over it, not everything is about ”you!!!!”. There are people (them activists, etc.) just waiting for an opportunity to cause ire and pry on the vulnerable to enable their cause.

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