I long for an Emancipation Day observation that makes me … feel.

Feel pride, feel unity, feel a sense of dignity and appreciation of what my foreparents have done for me!

It is not an emancipation day where everyone suddenly remembers they have an african-print garment or that Google requests suddenly blow up for Emancipation quotes.

It is a feel that makes me want to revel in the glory of being a descendant of those who overcame. Overcame slavery, overcame the indignity, overcame the injustices, immoralities, prejudices and outright attempts to suffocate.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Slavery might have ended one-seven-six years ago but I feel its evolving omnipresence, its sentiments linger today, yesterday just as it did the day before.

Today, we call it ethnocentrism, xenophobia and we see it in Haiti and the DR just as much as we see it in the Gaza Strip.

The battle for liberation was won but the war wages on.

The photo shows protest action in the Dominican Republic where Dominicans of Haitian descent are being denied citizenship, education, healthcare and other social services. The sign reads, “I am Dominican and I have rights”

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