Women are increasingly reverting to prime-eval times when a man’s attractiveness was based on his ability to provide. Back then meant that he was physically capable and possessed superior hunting skills. Today, it means above par financial prospects, i.e. a good education/job with the ability to become rich or already rich. Several studies which can be found through a few clicks on Google attest to this not so startling trend that has been on the increase over the past few decades.

It is an absurd thing that a woman looks for a man to provide for her. Women often say, “This is reality, I need to find a man with education, ambition and goals because love won’t pay the bills”. This is very disturbing and what does it say about us as an evolved species? Why should someone else provide for you when you are perfectly capable of doing so on your own? If a man said that he’s out looking for someone with education, ambition and goals because love won’t pay the bills then you’d laugh in his face.

What gives a woman the inherent right to be the one provided for especially in this modern age? What women need to do is to educate themselves, have their own goals and ambitions so they can provide for themselves. Gender roles are ever changing and women are becoming more and more independent. So why then should women revert to the stereo type of finding a man with money? Aren’t relationships supposed to be encompassed by feelings? When I think of a relationship, words like love, respect, trust, friendship, admiration and compatibility come to mind, not what’s in our bank accounts. Involving money, which is said to be the root of all evil at the helm of a relationship, simply taints it.

Women who marry for money instead of love tend to be betrayed more often than not. Wealthy men have a taste for younger women and usually despise monogamy. If a woman didn’t get married for love, she got married for financial security. If a man didn’t get married for love, he got married for her beauty. It therefore goes without saying that when that beauty fades – and it will, he will betray his wife by having an/several extra-marital affairs, which so many claim to be the worst kind of betrayal. Some women even find themselves victim of physical, verbal, psychological and emotional abuse. Some suffer through this abuse for years, stricken by fear of financial depravity if they leave. So what good is it to submit yourself to be provided for by someone else?

No doubt a woman faces tremendous differences in rights among other facets of inequality compared to men but if she intends to truly be equal then she needs to remove herself from that pedestal of being provided for. We pride ourselves as being socially sophisticated creatures but we resort to un-evolved and superficial behaviour when it comes to choosing a mate and engaging in long-term relationships.


  1. Wow, I could barely complete reading this baseless, chauvinistic piece of work.
    Your opinion lacks facts and research- you have lumped all women in the same category as those who are obviously ghetto/ratchet/dangles/god diggers. Perhaps you may have heard of gender inequality in the workplace? or the social-economic problems faced by women ,single mothers because of the cycle of poverty? [excerpt of your article says “Some women even find themselves victim of physical, verbal, psychological and emotional abuse. Some suffer through this abuse for years, stricken by fear of financial depravity if they leave.”]- What of these men who exploit women that clearly are not in a position to take of themselves and their children? It appears that the poverty that pervades their lives has been inflicted on your brain’s ability to reason and provide a better analysis of this social issue rather than your ill-thought conclusion that ‘ women want to be provided for’.
    There are many educated ,career women that have opted to become stay at home mothers because the MEN they marry have been conditioned to expect a woman to take care of the home and children, thus they relinquish the role of provider to the man. What about those young girls having to drop out of school to marry in order to ease the financial burden on their parents?
    Internationally,41 years after the Equal Pay act came into force, many women still earn a lot less than men performing the same jobs- can you begin to compare the problems faced by women living in first world countries with those living in Guyana or the Caribbean as a whole? Had women been given equal opportunities since the beginning there would be less hunger in the world because we would have been the ones behind writing the policies, there would be fewer wars because women have been scientifically proven to be more ethical than men, hence the reason for more women in politics.
    Your article says ‘women’s desire to be with men for money is socially backwards’, I beg to differ but it is your thought process that appears to be socially backwards. Have you considered that women find themselves in these situations because the men in their lives haven’t done THEIR role? i.e get an education, set goals, save money, stay committed and most of all stay in the lives of their daughters and wives? Has your myopia blinded you to what it must be like as a woman in today’s world? The media bombards us with sexualized images of women who use their bodily charms to ensnare the wealthy men- whether this image is a music video or a playboy bunny getting hitched to Heffner, they’re out there and they are conditioning our young men to view women as objects to be used and possessed with the subconscious thought that this is what a woman wants- to be taken care of materially.
    You are doing an injustice to your article by marinating it with your male ego centric biased and clearly uninformed information that has prejudiced the point you may have been trying to make. There are barriers that penalize girls and young women in spite of their academic achievement, such as underemployment, harassment, violence and lack of political and social power, must also be remedied.
    If you want to talk about ‘dangles’ talk about dangles, write openly about how they bleed men out financially for sexual favours but don’t provide a gloss over ‘women don’t want to work’ conclusion without ever visiting ANY of the issues that affect the strong, inspirational and industrious women who strive daily to never be equal to any man because their ambitions are so much bigger than that.

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  2. For starters, here are some citations for you to go read. I suggest you meticulously peruse these articles, studies and the book link, which is last, before you muster the audacity to utter (type) another disrespectful remark. What point is there in being personally insolent to a writer with a view? It’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Besides, there’s much research to support what I’ve written. However, it would be very much welcomed if your amusing reaction could garner the audience of more women to this post.

    I find myself reading up and down to relate statements that belong together in your remarks, so instead of a piece by piece breakdown of the errs you’ve made, I’d say that you are adopting much of an extremist role, in your rather emotional criticism. The only remark I want to make, in specific response to what you’ve so poorly written is to the question, “What of these men who exploit women that clearly are not in a position to take of themselves and their children?” Obviously that is a whole different social issue, which has nothing to do with the average woman making superficial choices in their mate. It seems like you’re clutching at straws to justify the negative portrayal of women, who according to their own admittance in the studies I’ve attached exemplify the very traits I’ve mentioned. Other things that you’ve mentioned fit this very characteristic, so I need not say more.

    Now go read, and if you feel like apologizing later, my inbox is always there.

    Dr Catherine Hakim from the London School of Economics
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

    Evolutionary biologists Dr Thomas Pollet and Prof Daniel Nettles, of Newcastle University, used the world’s biggest study into lifestyles to look at the link between wealth and enjoyment of sex.–Women-orgasms-wealthy-partners-study-finds.html

    Indiana University cognitive scientist Peter Todd and colleagues from Germany, England and Scotland used a speed-dating session in Germany to look at what people said they wanted in a mate with whom they actually chose.

    Sorry, but women are dependent on men

    An Introduction to Social Psychology

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  3. Mario Joseph, this is a very bold piece coming from a male writer. Ambiguous to the point that educated women may be offended, but still bold. If you needed “a few clicks on google” to discover that women look for educated, ambitious and financially stable men, then you should also look up what men look for in a wife.

    I’m pretty certain you will find that description to be something along the lines of the perfect super model submissive wife.
    Okay maybe I’m generalizing (like you are in this piece) but come on it’s 2014! The majority of Women are NOT looking for men that can provide for them, they’re looking for men they can build futures with,EQUALLY.

    What’s wrong with wanting a partner with “education, ambition and goals?” How is this a step backwards for society? In the end, You do suggest that people’s (men and women) superficial judgements in choosing a partner is detrimental to society. So then why isn’t the title of this : “Superficial decisions in choosing a partner a step backwards for society” Or “A man’s desire to be with a beautiful BROKE woman a step backwards for society”.

    I suppose men are just helpless creatures when it comes to beautiful gold diggers. Once again women are at fault.

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  4. Lovely criticism Tiffany! Your generalisation is actually accurate about men’s attraction to women. Those studies I checked did entail that. The reasons however that women’s choices in mates, are a step backwards for society are two fold in the least, 1. Its the ancient way, not progressive as women would want us to believe and 2. Women’s choices often end up in social suffering, in the form of financial dependence, abuse, depression while men on the other hand don’t suffer from these inclinations. I saw what you did there with that last remark. Don’t twist this into a feminist issue please.

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