2015: Year of the Liberal or Terrorist Sympathizer?


2015 has just begun and already the ugly face of religious extremism has unmasked itself. Excluding the continual massacres in the Middle East, three new attacks (one in France and two in Nigeria) have already gained infamy, all of which are tragic and disturbing events. However, what has revealed itself as being equally loathsome and perhaps more telling is the arguments emerging from many corners of society.

When the conservations on Charlie Hebdo first started, like most liberals I was incensed by the attacks, but quite frankly shocked to know that such a group existed when even the media of the supposedly “most powerful nation on earth” were afraid to publish Danish cartoons depicting the ‘Prophet Mohammad’ and shamefully still are (they also refuse to republish images from Charlie Hebdo). Bill Maher summarized it quite aptly when he said “these guys had more balls than Gérard Depardieu” (Depardieu is a prolific French actor, famous for his drunken rendition of a poem at a World War I commemoration). Maher also called out fellow liberals for being afraid to confront Islam, thereby turning America into “Pussy Nation” (what does that make Guyana and the rest of the Third World?).

While many are now calling for media responsibility and censorship, I can’t help but wonder: isn’t it the exact censorship and refusal to criticize Islam that threw us headfirst into this bullshit? Had the media over the years allowed more criticism and open rebuke of religious ideologies to make their publications, seeing a fake image of the ‘Prophet’ would be no more shocking than seeing a white Jesus. It would have been old news and Charlie Hebdo would not be able to sell millions of copies of ‘sacrilege’.

My point is: media censorship is not going to solve this problem. It will be just as effective in proving a point as prohibiting denial of the Holocaust (WARNING: Heavy Sarcasm).

That being said, time to look at the biggest hypocrisy on the issue to date. Pope Francis says that it is quite normal to expect violence if you criticize someone’s religion, since it is parallel to insulting someone’s mother. Well there you have it folks! Numerous apologies to the world for atrocities committed by the Catholic Church all down the drain because those fuckers were looking for it. It was about time this terrorist apologist aka the Vicar of Christ, did away with the stage performance of his predecessors.

In closing, let me remind all liberals out there that in order to be a liberal you have to stand for Liberal principles of which freedom of expression is included. The END.

PS. Turning the other cheek was a joke. Oh and check out the GSA’s response to the Indian Arrival Committee’s attempt to nip discussion on religion in the bud.

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