Eyes Wide Open…

By Dr. Sumelia Doraisami

I accept his apology. That is who he is. He is a vile, chauvinistic swine who has run his office in a vile, chauvinistic manner, much like the way he lives his life – with little respect for people, and even less for women. This is what happens when you put the present day Napoleon complex sufferers into positions of power and uncritically leave them there. I accept his apology because those few utterances are all we can expect from him. I accept his apology on the premise that I understand that his vision is narrowed, his thinking is infantile and his modus operandi is skewed with hatred and lack of compassion. I understand that, and it is unacceptable to me, completely and utterly insupportable; but I accept his apology because I have no time, energy, effort or neurons to waste on such vile acts of misogyny. My energies now are focused on enlightening others, helping people to realize that the end is near. The tyrannical group of ruthless persons we call leading politicians have to step down. They have to be defeated. They must be replaced. We must look forward and stop putting these villains into power. The ones who get into office must also know, I am watching you and I will be watching you throughout your term in office. This generation was much too young to demand change in elections gone, but now, this is our time to stand for something and demand transparency and accountability.

This country is ours now, and we refuse to be intimidated. Your fear mongering means nothing to me. Your cries of drums at six in the morning and reminders of what color I am mean nothing to me. I remain forever, color blind. My children and their children will remain color blind. Do not come with the audacity to remind me of things I know nothing of, instead come to me with your plans for future development. Show me why I must live here and raise my children here. Show me why I must be driven by something other than naïve patriotism.

Do not ask me which political party I support because my answer will always remain the same. I support that which I feel for, that is, the people. I feel when I see people hungry, I feel when I see Mr. Singh travel from Berbice while having a heart attack to seek medical attention in the city. I feel when people are uneducated and driven to crime. I feel when people are kept ignorant and are then incited every five years and made to feel afraid and inferior. Current administration thrives on ruling over an ignorant mass. The major steps they claim to have taken where education is concerned, I commend them for, because it is this very educated generation that is going to end their reign.

Choose wisely.
Examine what you tolerate.

* Dr. Sumelia Doraisami is a trained Guyanese physician who has worked in both the Public and Private Health sectors. 

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