The Bheri “Bheri best” of misogyny, chauvinism and inequality

“Shut your mouth and get out my face…I am not entertaining you…You idiot, we have less maternal deaths. I am a Candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better….Get the hell out of my face… eff off….I would slap her ass, you know. Just for the fun. I can have some woman strip her right there.”

That is the context of the nasty diatribe that Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran poured into the ears of a women rights activist and unto the microphones of a few recorders, mind you he was aware that he was being recorded.

Strange huh? This coming from a man that was voted into office by the electorate a few years ago… and ungrateful does not begin to encapsulate the horrors of this statement.

Albeit an apology was issued, the Minister being the “PPP candidate” that he is, went on another tirade and again he was recorded, this time he was saying:

“So we have these miscreants who are sometimes supported by the international community because they are rights activists, right to spit in my face but not collect two slap, you understand me, or one of my ladies who love me, wreck her up, you understand me? Well you know I’m Bheri best, all the ladies like me. Suppose one of my big strong women seh “wuh yuh do we doctor, wuh yuh do dis innocent lil man? Wacks! Wacks! Then she’s going to become a hero, some of us will make sure we give her a medal. Right, spit in my face, I don’t know if she got rabies or what, I know she was rabid. That woman need psychiatric help”

Putting things into perspective; when one reads and analyzes the statements that were made by the Health Minister it is clear that he is a man entrenched  in and ruled by the olden ways when woman were regarded as a mere being and not equal to the stature and status of man.

Priya Manickchand said it best when she regarded the first statement as “nothing short of sexist,” but I bet she didn’t know Bheri Best didn’t give a rat’s ass about her condemnation or for that matter anyone. Hmmmm I wonder how she felt after seeing the news of the second recording….

Here is the deal, it is now clear as day that Bheri best is a male chauvinist, so let me quote Dr Sumelia Doraisami in saying that “I (reservedly) accept his apology. That is who he is. He is a vile, chauvinistic swine who has run his office in a vile, chauvinistic manner, much like the way he lives his life – with little respect for people, and even less for women. This is what happens when you put the present day Napoleon complex sufferers into positions of power and uncritically leave them there. I accept his apology because those few utterances are all we can expect from him. I accept his apology on the premise that I understand that his vision is narrowed, his thinking is infantile and his modus operandi is skewed with hatred and lack of compassion. I understand that, and it is unacceptable to me, completely and utterly insupportable; but I accept his apology because I have no time, energy, effort or neurons to waste on such vile acts of misogyny.”

Looking back on what came Guyana, I am forced to ponder if these politicians even know what it means to stand for women and to stand for equality.

I hear boasts here and there that oh we are, more equal to women we have more women on our lists? Really? A name on a fucking list isn’t going to change anything. Even if it does, it’s not equal, if it were equal you’d have the same amount of women as you do men on your lists. The fundamental principle of the meaning enshrined in the word equal is that a set of two or more things or beings must be the same.


As a Guyanese and looking at our country I am ashamed that so many of you are threatened by societal change.

Paraphrasing US President Barack Obama, I will say that we can only move forward as a society if we work together and respect each other.

As Guyanese, we must respect each other, respect LGBT, respect women, respect the youth, and of great importance, you must respect who you are.

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