The Plight of Sophia!- a Lisa Williams Perspective

I sigh whenever I hear someone speak harshly about the residents of Sophia. I do not condone their behavior, from the mob lynching of the suspected thief in 2013 to last night’s incidents of arson. No one should. It’s heartbreaking to see a generally warm and friendly community resort to such erratic behavior ,and seemingly, so easily. It’s not enough however for you to condemn them. Who are you? What have you done to correct the many things that are wrong in Sophia?

Annually social work students pour into Sophia to peel its scab, poke it and watch on in wonder as the puss flows. They exploit the community for it’s proximity to the university and the rich samples it offers for studies in human deprivation. They conduct their ‘research’ write spirited recommendations then move the hell on with their lives as soon as the university offers them a pass. They give nothing back and the relevant authorities do nothing with their findings.

Politicians on both sides of the isle promise great things to the residents. They’re regular recipients of trifles that melt on their parched tongues like cotton candy, worsening their thirst ,doing nothing for their hunger. They keep them coming by dangling a carrot on a string.So Sophia contributes significantly to the masses at political rallies, they respond with the desired mania or euphoria to politically puppetry and acts of “philanthropy.” No one is serious about change or progress in Sophia.

Jessie Jackson advises us “Don’t Look Down On Someone, Unless You Are Helping Them Up.” Most of us are basically aware of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs. We know that poverty and inherent ignorance are rampant in Sophia. It is also understandable that to people for whom basic survival is a daily battle, anything that seems to further threaten their existence warrants warfare!

Please Guyana, dismount your high horse and realize that you are Sophia. Check your own behavior and realize that in the times you feel threatened survival takes precedence over civilized behavior. The discussion should rally around repairing rather than condemning Sophia.

They community is not dead, it’s in critical condition; It’s in need of surgery and not a postmortem examination. Ignore it; bury it, wait for it to wither and you will see it claw its way out of that shallow grave and appear again in your news headlines because SURVIVING (by any means necessary) is what Sophia is known for.

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