The truth about racism – Expectations of a Unity Government

It’s no secret that Guyana’s seemingly young society has a deep seethed racist core that despite some very noble and unorthodox attempts to rid our society of this regressing evil.

It grows my skin and it pains me to write this blog examining racism – such a primitive mentality that would reach a 2015 crowd.

I have no actual proof but from that I understand the whole issue of Indo against afros and Afro against Indo was birthed or rather manifested in the thousand fold under the rule of former President Forbes Burnham – a man who has been deemed one of the fathers of this nation.

From the stories that have been told and repeated so much in the public domain, I get the sense that under Burnham’s leadership, Indians were denigrated and were not given the same treatment as Afro-Guyanese.

Here in Guyana, we have an issue of institutionalized racism, and it eats away at my soul every time I read a Facebook post that hinges on racism and classism.

The 1960’s inter-racial conflicts between afro-Guyanese and Indo-Guyanese resulted in widespread death and destruction that I as a human being am ashamed of. When Guyana finally achieved political independence, a racially wounded and divided nation was born and those scars still haunt some of us, but should they?

The truth is that racism was meant to divide us, it was instilled in us by our oppressors and somehow we cannot seem to rid ourselves of this atrocity. I mean really, ask yourself…what have we to gain by hating a man because of the melanin in his skin or lack thereof?

The answer would be some pretty negative shit that we as humans have no need for? Why the big hue and cry over who is black and who is Indo and who is in power? Guyanese feel that because “a black man in power” Afro-Guyanese will be granted certain privileges? F**k NO! The respect I have for this man the person I think he is. Such a thought doesn’t sit well with me.

This fear of the “black boogie man” that certain politicians have struck in the hearts of Guyanese over the years need to be dismissed, done with and burnt the hell down. I mean really tear it apart with love and unity.

And for that matter, in case these racist people didn’t notice, Moses Nagamootoo, yes you know him, that man who happens to be our Prime Minister is Indian and I rather suspect at least one of the three Vice Presidents will be Indians – Khemraj Ramjattan?

Noteworthy however is the fact that Guyanese can live in peace for four years completely oblivious of each other race and political pursuits but as soon as a date for General election is announced and the mighty crasses of politicians mount their stage that we become fearful?

Why? They preach fear, they preach of the black boogie man and beating drums and kicking down doors in an effort to stir some fear and hatred into the hearts of its citizenry and anyone who does such folly does not deserve to hold public office.

I expect that under this Granger+Nagamootoo government real thought and effort be placed into sensitizing the public and strengthening the People’s Representation Act against such inflammatory diseased remarks.

I expect that this government can foster a pride of belonging and security to all people so that no one ethnic group feels excluded, we have had enough racism to last us a lifetime.

Hear nah, I wonder if y’all realize how much mix up mix up people and suh them got walking these streets? Nah? Yall should check.

And don’t let me get started on this IAC hotline business…Racism is so yesterday. Like for real bruh.

Brusheildon out.

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