Resolution or Revolution? That is the question.

As the clock strikes 00:00 on January 1st 2016, many of us will usher in the new year by enacting some of our resolutions. Things we plan to change about ourselves. Sadly, this practice is often times a feeble attempt by many to be better versions of themselves, a task many never complete.

Interestingly, the prospect of improving ourselves should be something that everyone aspire towards. It is my contention however, that it will take more than  resolutions for us to get there.

Guyanese youths for far too long  have been laid back and passive. As a result we have created a talk shop culture where lip service seem to be our only mode of action. We constantly promise ourselves that we will be the youths who defy the norms. That we will have the resolve to do better. That we will stand up and speak out. Yet, like all other resolutions we default on our aspirations  which are to improve the voice and the impact we can have on our society.

Resolution or Revolution? That is the question. If I had to answer this question my answer would be the latter. Simply because we are in dire need of a revolution in this country. It is time for our minds as youths to be reformed.

Though it may be optimistic or a tad bit naive for me to think that we can achieve this I do believe we need to start. I believe that through empowering our youth we can effectively create a shift in how we as young people view and interact with the world around us. It is no secret that Guyana is currently plagued with several issues that are affecting us as youths. Early sex, teenage pregnancy, school drop outs, unemployment, young offenders, suicide etc.

Unfortunately, we often look towards policy makers, older adults for solutions when we as youths have the very answers we seek. Funny enough most of us young people aren’t empowered. We lack the motivation and the fortitude to get involved. As a result we continuously fail to accomplish our goals. We break our resolutions. We fail ourselves, simply because we have not had a revolution of our minds.

Therefore, as the clock strikes 00:00 on January 1st 2016, I hope empowered youths will begin a chain reaction. One that will lead to the liberation and ultimately the revolution of the minds of those youths who are still asleep. One that will bear fruit by leading to positive reactions from others. One whereby lip service is no longer our modus operandi but instead active involvement replaces it.

Hence, let us not forget that 2016 brings with it endless opportunities for us to build our nation. Build a Guyana where young people are actively involved in the decision making process. Let us have a Revolutionary 2016 one filled with empowered youths.


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