Easy Targets…


While I welcome the news that the Guyana Police Force is finally seeking to bring closure to the act of political vengeance against local columnist and academic Freddie Kissoon, I can’t help but wonder what happened to some of the larger and more consequential cases of illegality that took place under the former regime?

Where is the former Minister that illegally spent (according to a High Court Ruling) billions of dollars and why hasn’t he been charged to date?? Or what about the other one who supposedly sold Guyana’s “patrimony” to Chinese investors??

Given the Kissoon case at hand, it has been reported in the media that one of the accused has implicated the others in the plot. Now without over-thinking the issue too much, I have to ask the question: how did they manage to get a person who clearly was playing an active role at Freedom House at the time of his arrest and still has strong linkages to that party, to make that type of revelation? Considering that signs of torture were not found, what type of deal was struck between him and the law enforcement officers to bring about this confession? Are there more serious matters that this individual was implicated in which will never see the light of day? And how much jail time do you get for throwing shit on someone??? Does this even carry a jail term to begin with?! Or maybe he’ll yet have a key role to play in bringing closure to the Crum-Ewing murder (the initial issue that was under the radar)…

I am in no way saying that Freddie Kissoon shouldn’t get justice. Of course he should. I also understand that the current administration is hard-pressed to deliver justice to the Guyanese people who have been waiting thirstily some 9 months now; but the GPF should not use this issue to scapegoat on the important ones that are still fresh in the minds of anyone who was alive before May 11th, 2015. I’m not neglecting the work they’ve done to charge another former Minister and her assistant. It’s just that we didn’t know this was an issue prior to May 11th. I don’t even think the then Opposition knew it was happening…

Nevertheless, I’ve asked a lot of questions that may or may not be answered in the near future. I won’t be holding my breath though, especially when it comes to matters involving the ruling class. BTW, the hastily put-together image above gives you some idea of what I think the GPF is doing. No explanations needed. Thanks. Bye.


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