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#Vote Like a Boss! LGE

The phoenix rises from the ashes once again. Having had an unforgettable impact on the voter turnout at last year’s historical General and Regional elections, the #Votelikeaboss campaign returns for a second round of voter education and awareness.

This time, the Guyana National Youth Council is partnering with Youth Challenge Guyana to help implement the USAID-funded Youth and Citizens’ Participation (YCP) project. This project is being carried out under the auspices of Counterpart International, a US-based NGO that has been helping to build sustainable and inclusive communities around the world for 50 years, through local partnerships similar to this one.

Here’s the partnership’s official release issued at our launch last Friday:

“The upcoming Local Government Elections scheduled for 18 March 2016 – offers an opportunity for democratic renewal in the administrative regions of Guyana, returning the management of the communities to citizens in the first Local Government Elections since 1994. Despite the successful turnout at the 2015 general and regional polls, with an impressive 72% voter turnout, there is some concern that citizens are not as invested in the upcoming Local Government Elections, may not understand the new electoral system, not aware of the candidates platforms and how these elections will have an impact on the citizens’ everyday life.

The Vote Like a Boss (VLAB) Campaign-Local Government Elections edition will use an innovative combination of traditional and new media sources, as well as community focused engagement to Excite, Engage, Educate and Inspire citizens to action for Local Government Elections.


To generate excitement around Local Government Elections, jingles, public service announcements and social media posts (Hashtags: #votelikeabossLGE, #LGE2016, #LGEBoss, #Becauseitmatters, #Getinvolved, #thankgoshitsLGE, #TGiLGE).

Working with the private sector, GNYC and NCC and YCG urge you to “Ink up-Link Up!” This promotion will offer incentives to voters who show their ‘inked up’ fingers to participating vendors for exciting prizes and incentives.

Drama and edutainment activities will be at known centers of interaction such as market places, malls, parks and other public spaces. An exciting and energetic approach to reach and engage voters.

Soundchat LGE an informative segment on local radio, will provide Information, Education Communication materials and Local Government Election endorsement advertisements from Guyanese “Good Will Ambassadors” such as artists, DJs, Youth leaders, LGBTI Leaders, Women and People living with disability advocates, among others.

On Election Day, March 18, look out for our LGE Champions in your communities that will be available to aid and assist you to the poll station.

Are you excited? Check us out on your favourite social media and give us a like and follow our daily info!!!


In order to promote deeper understanding of the local government opportunities , Vote Like A Boss will target engagements among citizens themselves, youth, women and electors together with their constituency candidates in the following identified target centers: Mabaruma-Region 1, Vreed-en-Hoop-Region 3, Georgetown -Region 4, New Amsterdam-Region 6, Bartica-Region 7,  and Lethem -Region 9. Engagement activities will first involve the establishment of Voter and Candidate Hubs for education activities. The media products developed under the VLAB campaign will be available at these Hubs. Anyone seeking information about the local government elections is encouraged to contact us about specific information about the hub locations and telephone numbers!


Soundchat on 94.1 and ‘Off De Fence’ on HGPTV will provide popular media for voter education with series such as “Ask Your Candidates” and “Did You Know”. Traditional voter education will take place with key populations and target groups including private sector, public sector, and disciplined services and at each of the seven satellite centers throughout the country.

Inspire (Action)

The key messages which are being developed for our campaign together with endorsements by our LGE Ambassadors are aimed at inspiring action on the part of the recipient. In order to demonstrate action every voter is asked to send a message “I voted” to an online platform which will be developed for real time visualisation of the voter responsiveness throughout the country. GNYC and NCC and YCG will partner with private businesses to reward persons who would have voted and posted on the platform. If you belong to the private sector, and are interested in partnership give us a shout!


We are young, yet we have mature values! Vote Like A Boss is a non-partisan, non-aligned, non-racial, gender-sensitive and co-operative campaign, just like the Guyana we dream about! On 18 March, we hope that our fellow citizens vote – vote for whomever they think is best suited to represent them in their local communities.  In the meantime and until E-day, we wish to cooperate, impartially, with all independent candidates, political parties, voluntary groups, GECOM and the voters to make 2016 LGE a Guyanese success…” #VotelikeabossLGE





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