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The ‘Whys’ in the Omar Shariff case

Keep the big ones close and Omar Shariff closer. That must have been the reasoning behind the APNU+AFC government allowing Omar Shariff to retain his job as a permanent secretary at the Office of the President now Ministry of the Presidency. What else could it have been?

After May 2015, the coalition had every reason to throw him out of office as was done to others. Such as the likes of Nigel Dharamlall and what not. Instead what we saw was Omar Shariff retaining his post at the Ministry. Why?

Shariff, the Chairman of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) which is the youth arm of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Shariff, a candidate of the PPP in the last General and Regional Elections. Why? Why was this man able to retain his post?

One theory is that the APNU+AFC had a possible inkling of Shariff’s dealings and were keen to keep him close and allow him to drop his guards.

Look at it this way, there was the $600M issue with Former Minister Dr Jennifer Westford that was directly linked to Shariff’s office. Could that have been where the thief detector went off?

From the reports in the news, the Permanent Secretary, has been able to acquire billions along with several properties.

Let’s take a look at the information provided by Kaieteur News.

“Kaieteur News has found out that Shariff has 14 accounts. Some contained millions of dollars while others had billions. The Permanent Secretary has accounts at five banks. He had over $1B in his Citizens Bank account. He has nine accounts at GBTI. The combined amount in those accounts was just over $14.9B.”

That’s not all, “in addition to his multibillion-dollar bank accounts, the Permanent Secretary has been able to buy properties all across Guyana.”  Yes from one border town to the other, Shariff has properties in Lethem and properties in Essequibo. How did he do it? All the while buying shares in some of the biggest companies in Guyana.

How was a PUBLIC SERVANT able to acquire this much money? Why even keep a day job if you have this much money?

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