THE GUYANA I WANT| Homosexuality, Christianity & What Would Jesus Do?

After much deliberation I finally decided to talk about an issue that has been on my mind, as it at times has created a conflict between my Christianity and where I stand in my advocacy. For example, just over a week ago a very suggestive video surfaced on Facebook. The video, of two men exiting a bathroom stall at the gift land mall was shared far and wide on social media. To date no one actually knows what transpired in that bathroom stall.

However, over the days that follow, this video became the topic of conversation in many circles. The video attracted outcries from Guyanese on both sides of the fence. For instance, many pro LGBTQ+ Guyanese were outraged by the strong homophobic language heard in the video and to the continued discrimination of LGBTQ+ Guyanese.

On the other hand those who found the video to be distasteful had mixed reasons. For many, myself included, the video suggested that the two men, one of them being in a CPCE uniform were involved in some act not appropriate for a public setting. Many who share this view also opined that the collective outcry would be the same if it were a man and woman, a opinon I also share.

However, for the others who found the video distasteful their reasoning were that their Christian faith was insulted by the perceived atrocities and abomination of two men exiting a bathroom stall in a “godly” society such as Guyana.

While I can address the former two viewpoints I believe this blog post is best suited for those Guyanese who were so upset by the video that they had to share, comment, bully and continue the vicious cycle of discrimination and homophobia.

So to those of us who were upset solely because two men were seen exiting a bathroom stall I will say get over it! What if I told you that you can disagree with someone’s lifestyle without being disrespectful?  What if I told you that you can be a christian and not be homophobic? And to those who claim their homophobia is justified because Jesus do not like homosexuals I have to ask, what would Jesus do? Would he support homophobia?  Would he support discrimination? While I’m positive he would not support the lifestyle of homosexuality I am also positive that he would still show love to the sinner while disliking the sin. The same way he is to each and every one of us who are sinning differently.

My belief is that if I have a friend that isn’t living right (some may question who determine what’s right and wrong) then as a friend I have to encourage them to turn their life around. However, that’s as far as my intervention should go unless said friend is doing something detrimental to their health(while some may argue that homosexuality is detrimental to ones spiritual health but that’s only valid IF said person believes in a God).

Yet, when it comes to homosexuality most christians take the moral high ground. They throw stones at homosexuals while still living in their own glass houses filled with lies, fornication, adultery, and the list goes on and on. Interestingly, I once shared a similar viewpoint. However, over time I realised my hypocrisy won’t save me from the pits of hell. It was when that I changed my viewpoint as I cannot cast judgement if I myself am not without sin.

Ironically, Guyanese for decades have cowardly hidden behind religion as the basis for their homophobia and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ Guyanese. However, the Guyana I want respects the rights of all citizens.

The truth is that in a secular state such as Guyana LGBTQ+ Guyanese are humans first and foremost. As a result, they, like heterosexuals are entitled to the rights entrenched in the constitution of the Republic of Guyana and there is no ifs buts or maybes about that. Unfortunately, Guyana like the rest of the Caribbean has a long way to go before the archaic thinking and ignorance are eradicated and all Guyanese are treated like the first class citizen they are!

4 thoughts on “THE GUYANA I WANT| Homosexuality, Christianity & What Would Jesus Do?

  1. As someone who has struggled with this issues in relation to my faith, I want to thank you for putting this in perspective for me. As I have found with our Lord, the answer is always right in front of us 🙂


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