THE GUYANA I WANT| Is Anti-bullying

It has been a while since I have put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or even express my thoughts about anything Guyanese in a blog. I guess a plausible reason for my hiatus from blogging was due to my new job, to me migrating, or maybe it was just me being overwhelmed by the… Continue reading THE GUYANA I WANT| Is Anti-bullying


Clinging to the traditional scopes of masculinity – is Guyana ready to move on?

It’s a complete shame that Guyanese youths have not been granted the privilege and freedom to embrace and explore “nonconformity, instead they have to adhere to societal norms or face the option of being ostracized – detrimental developments. How are you supposed to be unique when you’re to follow the crowd? It’s practically saying ‘you can be anything you want but not yourself.’


The truth about racism – Expectations of a Unity Government

The answer would be some pretty negative shit that we as humans have no need for? Why the big hue and cry over who is black and who is Indo and who is in power? Guyanese feel that because “a black man in power” Afro-Guyanese will be granted certain privileges? F**k NO! The respect I have for this man the person I think he is. Such a thought doesn’t sit well with me.


2015: Year of the Liberal or Terrorist Sympathizer?

2015 has just begun and already the ugly face of religious extremism has unmasked itself. Excluding the continual massacres in the Middle East, three new attacks (one in France and two in Nigeria) have already gained infamy, all of which are tragic and disturbing events. However, what has revealed itself as being equally loathsome and… Continue reading 2015: Year of the Liberal or Terrorist Sympathizer?